Welcome to the home of daring curiosity
A tea party like no other.
Embrace the Art of Entertaining.
Entertain yourself, or with guests, with food and conversation.

How to Wedgwood

Before you can fully understand Wedgwood, you'll need to know how to Wedgwood.
Let’s explain:

Rule 1: Indulge

One mustn't deprive themselves of the finer things in life. An extra biscuit, why not? Rule 1: Indulge

Rule 2: Create

Life's too short to be black and white. So when in doubt, add a little colour to it. Rule 2: Create

Rule 3: Be yourself

Bold, not bland. Curious, not coy. Daring, not dull. Rule 3: Be yourself

Rule 4: Entertain

Entertain yourself, entertain others, dress up, dress down. Live. Isn't that the whole point?

Rule 4: Entertain