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Wedgwood Polka Dot Tea Story Teacup And Saucer (Green)
Save 40%
Wedgwood Strawberry and Vine Teacup
Save 23%
Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Single Handed Mug BlueWedgwood Peter Rabbit Single Handed Mug Blue
Save 43%
Wedgwood Nature Tea Saucer
Save 38%
Wedgwood Nature Espresso Saucer
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Wedgwood Jasper Tea Set
Wedgwood Jasper Tea Set
£1,995 £3,500
Save 39%
Wedgwood Intaglio Teacup & SaucerWedgwood Intaglio Teacup & Saucer
Save 38%
Wedgwood Intaglio Plate 20cmWedgwood Intaglio Plate 20cm
Save 78%
Wedgwood Handpainted Pot Pourri Pot
Save 55%
Wedgwood Ethereal Cream Jug
Save 78%
Wedgwood Basalt Prestige Black Acanthus Bowl

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