Discover expert tips to perfect the Art of Food

Wedgwood's Intaglio and Gio collections are beautifully tactile and the perfect blank canvas to celebrate the Art of Food. In pristine white, featuring embossed fine bone china, they are designed to effortlessly showcase exquisite, colourful and creative food.

Join us as we celebrate the Art of Food, and invite you to discover tips for preparing the perfect plate.

Always have the finished product in mind

  • Have an idea of the final plated version of the dish before you prepare the elements. This can influence the way you prepare the shape and form (puree, foam, mousse, crumble, disc etc) of each element.
  • Try to have time to plate one of each dish up for yourself first if possible, to play with various ways of presentation.
The Art of Food Editorial 2

Consider the finer details

  • Micro herbs can really add unique flavours to the plate as well as a great visual finish so consider the flavour as well as the look of these.

Micro herbs are quite easily sourced with enough time.

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Think about texture

  • Always consider texture and temperature when creating a plate of food and try to have some contrast. If there’s a lot of soft/smooth textures in a dish try to add something with a crunchy or brittle texture.
  • Purees can be used to set the scene of the dish, from a swipe or pull with a spoon or an arrangement of dots. 

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Embrace simplicity with the right tools

  • If you don’t have multiple squeezy bottles you can use piping bags instead.

And finally…

  • Some dishes lend themselves well to being very regimented with the way they are plated and some look best with a more “organic” look. Often this is dictated by the main element - if it's a perfectly round piece it may look best plated symmetrically for example.

The perfect blank canvas

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